Our Company

Publisher, developer, & marketer. Our business strategy includes property acquisition and original product development. We are committed to bringing original concepts to life, licensing existing properties with a proven track record through sensible rev-sharing deals, and of course bringing long lost classics back to life. We are also interested in developers with partially completed products seeking publishing & marketing support. We develop our products both in-house and with third-party developers. We contract world-wide to the best of the best utilizing today’s virtual platform. We also employee and buy locally supporting a local economy.

Growth. We have taken aim at the world’s fastest growing, $100 Billion US dollar industry – the video games industry. The US alone has 170,000+ daily active gamers. The games industry has enjoyed explosive growth year after year in multiple segments including Virtual Reality VR & eSports. On average, consumers spend $16.50/month on games and digital content. The industry has also enjoyed a remarkable shift towards digital distribution to platforms such as Steam which creates higher margins, lower overhead costs, and the ability to scale extremely quickly.

Funding. Stompy Bot is a public company (CSE: BOT) and has the ability to raise financing via private equity offerings, debentures, and potential joint-venture financing on a per-product basis. We also plan to utilize public funding programs such as Canada Media Fund, Bell Media Fund, Shaw Rocket Fund. As well as R&D funding through public grants such as Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SRED), Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP). And provincial programs such as wage subsidy and workforce expansion programs. Trade assistance programs, missions, and delegations will also be regularly accessed.