Business Marketing and Game Developers

Business Marketing

What is the role of marketing in the business? The question may arise for new entrepreneurs or more professional profiles such as computer scientists. Why can’t a brand move forward without a real marketing methodology? This article will help you better understand the importance of a marketing strategy in launching a product or developing a business. Good news! Everyone is concerned, your customers like you and your projects.

Video Game Developer

The world of video games has become more professional over the last few years: the self-taught have had to give way to the bac +5. Many young people are entering the sector, but few jobs are available. The employers are mainly studios (66 %) or publishers (25%). The role of the video game developer, also known as the programmer, is to translate specifications into codes with the goal that they will always be faster and more efficient. Thus, the video game developer must be not only proficient in mathematics but also very creative and imaginative algorithms.

The main missions

  • Draw up the specifications with the project manager.
  • Programming interfaces and associated tools, menus, actions
  • Test the game.
  • Correct errors and make the necessary changes.
  1. Creation and development in mind

The video game industry is based on four main activities: research & development, publishing, manufacturing of consoles, distribution.

  1. Design and gaming jobs

The design of a video game is a complex process that involves different profiles of professionals: creative people, of course, but also managers, technicians, graphic designers with an influential video game culture, these enthusiasts with unbridled imagination always try to be one step ahead of the competition.

  1. Graphic design

Graphics is the very first thing you see in a video game. It must attract the eye, surprise, “grab” the player until it makes him forget the real world. Creative with advanced computer skills, graphic designers (graphic designers, 3D animators, art directors, etc.) are always self-taught to keep pace with technological advances.

  1. The craft of programming

Most sought after by the video game industry, the computer scientist is, in a way, the “linchpin” of the game creation process. Whether he’s coding, assembling, securing, testing or debugging he never loses sight of the psychology of the end-user: the player.

  1. Marketing and sales

Everything that happens after the creation of the game, everything that helps increase the number of players and keep them loyal, weighs a little more each day in the video game economy. Marketing and marketing professionals are, therefore promised a bright future in this sector!


The salary of a first-time video game developer is between € 20 and € 30k. Once his experience has been recognized, his remuneration can reach€40k. Salaries in Paris are to be increased by about 20 %. Bonuses and benefits may be paid if the creative engineer has had the opportunity to file a patent.

Occupational development

If the video game developer wants to stay in progress, he can work on more complex projects or join a company to invest in “heavy” programs such as server programming. It can also leave Development and take responsibility for service.