Heavy Gear® Assault Steam Launch

Heavy Gear® Assault will release in mid-December 2016 the Steam digital distribution platform as an Early Access title.


  • Winner of Game Developer Conference Best in Play 2014
  • Fast-paced game play
  • Ranged and planned Melee combat
  • Destructible Gear components
  • Fully customizable Gears
  • Built for eSports competition
  • Plans for a fully player driven economy
  • “Living product” development plan.  Continuously adding new content to drive sales.
  • Heavy Gear is an established franchise with 20 years of history: Two previous video games by Activision, a TV series by Sony Entertainment and over 70 source books.

Vince McMullin, CEO and Producer, Stompy Bot, said:

Heavy Gear® Assault found great support through our communities who shared their love and passion for the Heavy Gear franchise. Stompy Bot’s independence has enabled us to deliver an outstanding game, which is still closer to the characteristics of the mech genre than anyone has offered before. However, we’re not resting on our laurels and will continue our relationship with the community during Early Access, as we want their feedback as we roll out new features.”


Joe Kreiner, Epic Games’ head of Unreal Engine licensing for the Americas, said:

“As one of the first mech sims built with Unreal Engine 4, it’s great to see Heavy Gear® Assault make its way into players’ hands. This shows how a small team can use our tools to get ahead, realize their vision and ship a fun game.”